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 Send us your comments and suggestions about our new website

We want this website to be  a great place to find out about Christchurch and what's on both for regular members and visitors from anywhere. Do you have suggestions for something you would like to see added to or taken off  the site? Let us know by email below.

We never pass your email address or other contact details to anyone else.


If you would like a photograph with you in it taken down, please let us know here.

We normally don't name people shown in photos except where the intention is to make them known, such as for church office holders , and we never show people's phone numbers or email addresses unless they request it.. We hope therefore that most people will be happy to have attractive and relevant photos shown on this website, as they make it more interesting for viewers and help to project an a good image of our church. But we will gladly remove any photo if anyone featured in it requests us to do so.

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