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Worship notes

One of the marks of any Christian fellowship is the desire to gather together to offer worship to God. However the current restrictions due to the Coronavirus outbreak mean that, for the present time, this is not possible. During this time of 'social distancing' our minister, Rev Stephen Skinner, is making available each week material designed to assist members of Christchurch, and anyone else that wishes to use it, to offer their own worship.

The material is in the form of a complete service and may be used as such or, for example, you may want to use some of the prayers during the week or read the Bible passages. For those that want to gain some semblance of togetherness, in spirit if not in body, then there is the option of using the material as a complete service at 10.30am on Sunday mornings knowing that others from the Christchurch fellowship will be doing exactly the same.

Material for particular Sundays will normally be available on the Friday before. To access the material please click on the appropriate date below. For copyright reasons we are unable to reproduce the words of hymns and songs on the website. Instrumental and sung versions of most of the songs can be found on Youtube and the words are also widely available using a search engine. The words of some of the prayers have also been omitted for copyright reasons (please offer your own prayers when prompted to do so):-

4 April 2021 - Easter Day

11 April 2021 - Second Sunday in Easter

18 April 2021 - Third Sunday in Easter

25 April 2021 - Fourth Sunday in Easter

2 May 2021 - Fifth Sunday in Easter

9 May - Sixth Sunday in Easter